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Stocherkahn Tübingen. Romantic Gourmet-Tours
Stocherkahn Tübingen. Seit 1993 Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten
Unique in Germany! High spirits pure!
A smell of Venice in the heart of Baden-Württemberg!
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Punting Race 03.06.2021 - Live!

Stocherkahn Tübingen. Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten Stocherkahnrennen Stocherkahn Tübingen. Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten Punting Race Stocherkahn Tübingen. Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten Punting Race Stocherkahn Tübingen. Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten Stocherkahnrennen Stocherkahn Tübingen. Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten Stocherkahnrennen Stocherkahn Tübingen. Schmidt's Stocherkahnfahrten Stocherkahnrennen
Experience the famous punting race at Tuebingen at close range from a boat. For your creature comforts you will have two barrels of beer aboard.
Free beer aboard

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  • Date: 03. June 2021, 13:30
  • Length: 1,5 h
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03. June 2021 - 01:30 p.m. - Length 1,5 h

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Our captains have many years of experience and are familiar with the peculiarities of the river Neckar at Tuebingen. You always have to follow the instructions of the captains. In case of misconduct due to strong alcoholization of the customer, the captain may refuse access to the punting boat or, in order to prevent loss of control during a trip, terminate it prematurely without recourse on the part of the customer. In case of damage due to noncompliance, improper behavior and carelessness of the participants on board our captains take no liabilty. In such cases the participants are personally liable for the caused damages. In case of willful sinking of a punting boat by the participants we will charge EUR 500,- (plus VAT) in advance for coverage of damages at the punting boat, at the captain and for cancellation of following tours. Further claims of compensation are not covered by this amount. Our liability for any damages on our events and tours is restricted to the case of carelessness through us. We take no liabilty for acts of God.

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